• Living Sculpture

Live Sketching of ‘Symbiosis: Social Experiments with Living Sculptures’ with Blue Room and Out of the Blue at the Bluecoat

As part of her ongoing research on Symbiosis: Social Experiments with Living Sculptures, Laurence Payot is creating a series  of live sketch events at the Bluecoat. This first session focused on clothing, thread and drapery.

Experimenting with materials and forms, the sessions are aimed to test out how these can help us connect in new ways and how this affects our physical and emotional body.

The project is a collaboration with scientists from the Universities of York and Sheffield, funded by Arts Council England , C2D2 and Sheffield University, exploring how Symbiosis (meaning Living Together), can inspire an artwork that becomes like a living and breathing organism, in need of audience participation to come alive. This session was inspired by extracellular matrix.

This new phase of the project will result in the presentation of 4 Living Sculptures in the Bluecoat gallery this summer, accompanied by a Q&A with the scientists and artist. More information coming soon.