Angels celebrates the courage and optimism of displaced people: from childhood lullabies remembered from another country, to the things that make them happy in their new homes. Refugee and asylum seeker participants from across the UK have created a series of visual and audio portraits reminding us all how we can cope with difficult situations and find strength in the things that comfort us.

“Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do your dream. You want to do the dream, just do it. Who’s going to stop you?”

The work consists in a series of video portraits projected on urban, suburban and rural environments, talking to us, by surprise, in the most unexpected places.

Angels is funded by Arts Council and created in partnerships with Art Reach and Cities of Sanctuary. It is a collaboration with refugees and asylum seekers groups from across the UK and with iranian film-maker Parang Kherzi.

Behind the scene, news and updates on coming presentation available here.