You make me feel good.

’You make me feel good’ is a social project, a collection of drawings and poetry gathered in a newspaper, and collective social distance movements. Its aim is to give form to our feelings about human connection, something most of us have missed so much during this pandemic.

When something so banal – yet so crucial for our happiness and sense of self- is taken away from us, it makes us re-evaluate what’s important for us as individuals but also as a society. Family, friends, work colleagues, members of a group, acquaintances, neighbours and passers-by are all part of a web that defines who we are, and without it we can feel lost and incomplete.

Life is all erosion
And deposition
As we look at life in different ways.
Through your eyes.
And theirs.

Commissioned by Heart of glass, artist Lou Chapelle collaborated with residents of Heald Farm Court care home and group members of the University of the Third Age to describe these feelings through shapes and words.

Find out more about the workshops, explore people’s drawings and animations, read poetry the project blog.